The Final Products

Final Flats

The chosen designs have been scanned and manipulated in Illustrator to give the final design flats.....

Back Views

Metal weave structure with a fabric base and separate ruffle attachment tied through.  The ruffle attachment can be removed and the design can be worn as just the weave headband as shown below

Back View

Or the ruffle attachment can be worn as its own headband
Back View

Here a 3D structure has been bulit using Betty Bolt's reclaimed nuts and connected together using craft wire

Back View

Large lace bow headband made from unwanted wedding dress fabric

Back View

Lace imprinted aluminium petal clips with scrap nuts used for beading detail

Ring pull headband made from weaving lace fabric though recycled ring pulls

Back View

Lace wedding dress material forming a headband with veil covering the face

Back View

Two tiered ruffle headband with elasticated back

Aluminium leaf shapes cut from recycled cans and attached to a elasticated lace headband

Back View

Twisted wire headband connected to an elasticated back to fit all sizes

3D nut clusters this time attached to a lace headband

Sample Toiles

In order to visualise the designs some relevant samples were made up & photographed on the mannequin

This headband uses strips of recycled aluminium cans woven together to give a more textured effect to the metal

The fabric rescued from the wedding dresses suited the ruffle effect pictured on the headband above

Theme Boards

Designer Inspiration

Fred Butler & Tomihiro Kono are just two of the designers I have taken inspiration from.

Chosen Accessory

As part of the Betty Bolt collection I have chosen to make an ethically sound, recycled headband.  Taking inspiration and materials from the concept of combining unloved wedding dresses and reclaimed scrap metal to produce unique and exciting accessories.

Fast Fashion and Landfill

In the UK around 1.5 million tonnes of clothing and textiles are thrown away each year.

Of these items more than half of them could be recycled, yet only a very small percentage actually are.  This throw away attitude towards fashion is not healthy for our environment nor for our society!